How Greg Berzinsky Styles His Hair

—Eric Bandholz

In today’s video Greg Berzinsky is back in the bathroom with another great styling guide on how he gets his hair. Surprisingly (or not) he uses a lot of the same techniques he uses to style his beard. If you missed that video, the link is below.

He starts off with washing his hair and making sure it’s clean. Then from there he’ll towel dry. The hair is a modified undercut and he’ll comb the hair to the part. First he starts off with a Spiced Citrus Sea Salt Spray to give it texture. It’s something everyone could use unless you have very thick and dense hair.

Once the sea salt spray is in the hair he’s going to start drying the hair and adding lift to the hair by using a round brush. That’s going to give a little cowlick and curve to the hair. When using the hair dryer it’s important to use heat to work the curl and then a cold blast to lock it into place. Always finish with a cold blast.

If you, you could finish at this point but today Greg is going to add some Spiced Citrus Styling Balm into the hair starting with the front and then the back forward. This will give it a little more hold. The final part is to use fingers to add dimensions to the hair in a backwards motion.

That’s it!

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