How I Tame a Thick & Curly Beard | Carlos Costa

—Jenny Durre

Ready to tame your curly beard? Grab you brush, your comb, your beard oil, and buckle up.

Carlos says the first step was starting with the comb, and combing in the direction he wanted his beard to lay. As it got longer, he introduced the boar's hair brush to help the bushier beard stay tame and in place.

As for applying beard oil, he suggests after a shower while your hair is still wet, use your comb to get it in place, then use a hair dryer and hold it about 8-12 inches from your face and blow it downward to get your beard hair in place - don't comb it during this process to avoid over-straightening the hair. Once it's done, throw in some beard oil and you're good to go!

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