How Long Should You Grow Your Beard?

—Urban Beardsman

Once you’ve started growing a beard, you’ll eventually hit a point where you start wondering when you can or should shave. We’ve all been there, it’s one of the beardsman rights of passage.

Although every guy is different, both in terms of their personal preference and genetics, there are some uniform lengths and periods of growth that Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz offers as starting points.

Your beard on average will grow about half an inch a month, meaning that if you decide to go the yeard route, you’ll end up with a hearty six inches of man mane by the year’s end. For most guys though, once they hit the 18-month mark, their beards will form what are called French forks, which refers to your beard splitting with a gap in the middle.

Since this is obviously not a good look for anyone, we suggest trimming your beard when you have the most uniform fullness and density, ensuring that your beard continues to look its best each and every day. If you’re looking for a standard length to aim for, three to six months (depending on the guy) allots for fullness and even growth, which are the two most important aspects to keep in mind as you experiment with greater lengths. When in doubt, grow it out.

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