Don't Overdo It - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack’s back for the 22nd update of his yeard journey, and today he’s talking about overdoing it.

If you don't know how much product to use when grooming, it’s easy to unintentionally use too much. When Jack began taking grooming seriously in 2012, he didn’t realize that “less is more” when it comes to grooming products. He was using 7-10 drops of beard oil each morning, which resulted in a pretty greasy appearance throughout the day. Now, six years later, he understands that a little bit of high quality product goes a long way.

When it comes to Beardbrand products, it doesn’t take much to get the effects you’re looking for. To demonstrate, Jack’s teaching us the proper amount of Styling Balm to use in your hair and beard. Full disclosure: He’s already done a bit of styling by the time he filmed this video. He has our Sea Salt Spray in his hair, and he’s already applied our Beard Oil, too. He then finished off his look by applying some heat.

When you mix products (which we recommend for maximum skin and hair health),  use a touch less of each product to avoid “over-application” – undesired residue and excess product in your hair and on your skin.

Pro-Tip: We generally recommend starting with beard oil before applying other styling products. This helps seal in moisture while you style.

Styling Balm is a medium hold product – when your hair is styled it’ll keep its shape, but it’ll also be natural and flexible. If you use it in your wet hair, you’ll have a glossy finish. If you use it in your dry hair, you’ll have more of a matte / natural finish. As Jack demonstrates in the video, you only need a finger’s worth of Styling Balm to style your full beard and the hair on your head.

First, warm it by rubbing it between your hands. Then, apply it to your hair evenly  – make sure not to concentrate the product in any one area. Style your hair to the desired effect with your hands, or with a comb and brush. Once your hair is properly styled, use the leftover balm in your hands to put some finishing touches on your beard. Jack already styled his beard into shape before the video, so he’s using the balm here to hold that look in place once it’s created.

This is a “best practice” for using Styling Balm in your beard. Using a larger amount throughout your entire beard can create a crunchy texture that’s unpleasant to the touch, which is why it’s used as a finishing product for the beard. Applying Styling Balm sparingly at the end of your grooming routine is definitely the right way to go. This will lock your look in place without making your beard crunchy or sticky.

In the event of over-application, Styling Balm will show unwanted effects. You’ll know if you use too much because as it dries, your beard will develop the that crunchy texture usually associated with hair gel and the late 1990s. Over-application isn’t just a mess to deal with – it’s actually bad for your hair, too! Too much of any one product can affect the oil balance of your skin and hair, whether it means rendering it too oily or drying it up too much.

If you’re using Beardbrand products the right way, the fill amount is made to last! You only need about 3-4 drops of beard oil or a finger’s worth of balm when you’re grooming. In the event you use too much beard oil or Utility Balm, you can always pat down your beard with a paper towel or washcloth to absorb some of that excess oil. If you use too much Styling Balm, all you need to do is rinse it out with water to start fresh.

Pro Tip: If you're in a rush and don’t have time to start over, don't panic. Just get some water in your hair at the sink, then pat it dry with a towel. This will dissolve some of the excess Styling Balm and allow the towel to absorb it.


This week's comment comes from Jack’s Eyebrow – which has its own (fan-made) Youtube Channel.

“I realized something over the past week - I was being selfish. All of these years I’ve yearned to be the star of your face… the conversation piece, if you will. What right do I have to take center stage? If anything, that distinction belongs to that glorious beard of yours, not to a lowly eyebrow such as myself. We are all just supporting roles on the work of art that is Jack Milocco. Many thanks to Mahesh for teaching me some humility.”

Thanks, Jack's Eyebrow! We look forward to seeing you as soon as you grow out again. 


Here are the other awesome videos we've posted this week – check them out for beard grooming and styling tips, as well as some awesome barbershop videos.

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Mahesh is back for another round of Mahesh’s Musings, and this week he talks about the experience of of flying to the U.S. for the first time. Mahesh works at Gentleman and Rogue’s Club over in the U.K., and he’d never been to the U.S. – let alone to represent Beardbrand. He had a wonderful experience that he shares with us all. 

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Behind the Scenes Haircut at Beardbrand HQ with Mahesh and Brian

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Maintenance Trim to Tame the Beard - CxBB VIPs with Mahesh

Mahesh gives Jay a maintenance trim to prepare for CxBB! Remember – maintenance trims are essential for maintaining your awesome beard. Thanks for the stellar collaboration, League of Rebels!


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