How To Break In Your Boots

Carlos is here to show you the four steps to breaking in a pair of boots.

1. Take it easy. You’re going to be stoked about your new boots, but instead of wearing them day in and day out, wear them for a bit in the morning and switch them out for a more comfortable pair of shoes in the afternoon to give your dogs a break.

2. Don’t be afraid to bend it and crush it. Bend the boots and give the sole a good massage to help soften the leather and break in the boot.

3. Walk the line. Invest in a pair of socks that are slightly thicker and more cushioned than your normal pair of socks. Wear them with your boots, and you’ll help them mold to your feet as you’re breaking them in.

4. Treat it. Use mink oil or leather softener to keep the leather soft and pliable.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder