How to Connect Your Beard and Haircut by Fading the Sideburns

—Josh Lawson

Conner is here with Tilly in The BlackHouse to get a touch-up on his haircut. He had a low skin fade before and wants to get back to that. Tilly starts with a short 2, in order to get a closer cut without getting too close to a one. She goes over the line he had with some scissors in order to soften it up and made the fade look better in end. Then she goes in with her trimmers to create the hard line of the fade. This gives her an area to follow with the foils to give it a true 0.

After that Tilly goes in with a 0 and begins to push up the line she just finished. She does a lot of fades per day but finds a way to do them differently and make it interesting for both herself and the client. It also gives her time to practice new techniques. There's a lot of work that goes into it. There's a lot of time going into the fading/blending of each line. She also fades the beard into the rest of the hair to make it look like it belongs with his haircut.

Tilly puts talc in his hair to see if she missed any of the smaller ones. Then she moves onto scissors and blends the weight line more. Trimmers go to the back of the neck to take care of any parts the foils may have missed. She connects the hair on top with the sides by connecting the smallest parts of both and gets rid of any outliers or flyaways. She then repeats the process for the back as well.

To finish off the look, she adds some sea salt spray and some product before blow drying it. She does this because it really helps solidify the looks and makes it more likely to stay in the style you dry it in than if you added it all after you finished drying it. Tilly then trims off the edges near the temple and lines up Conner's beard and sideburns, and he's good to go!

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