How To Deal With a Patchy Beard

—Urban Beardsman

Beards, at times, can be frustrating, from bad beard days to getting food caught in them. However, no issue is more loathed than the dreaded beard patchiness. Every guy is different, but for those who might appear to have less dense beards, especially on distinct areas of their faces, it’s easy to get touchy when the obvious is pointed out to them. Yet, when you look at the realm of patchy beards, those affected are a much more diverse lot than you might expect.

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, there are, in essence, three types of patchy beards. First, some beards may look patchy a month in, but a few months later, suddenly you’re rocking a full, lush man mane. The key here is different areas of your facial hair grow at different speeds. What you need to do is if you start off patchy, give it some time to see how your face fills in and covers up the patches. Having a patchy beard at an early stage doesn’t guarantee it will continue on that way. Also, keep in mind that you are your own worst critic. You might spend time noting patches in your beard when looking in the mirror, but most people will simply see that you have a beard rather than note where it thins out in spots.

Second, if you’ve tried for months and your beard is still patchy, then our suggestion is to simply go for a shorter length. A shorter beard will look more presentable and people will take less note of your beard patchiness. Lastly, some guys think they have patchy beards when really it’s that they have a warped expectation of how their beards should grow in. Maybe one guy in 100 can grow thick, even, and dense facial hair that perfectly covers their face, but for the rest of us, you simply need to be patient and accept your beard for what it is, part of you.

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