How To Deal With Curly Beards

—Urban Beardsman

Beards for whatever reason are inherently curly. Although this can differ to an extent from beardsman to beardsman, there are almost no men out there growing beards who would ever describe their beard hair as straight. But why is that? Why do beards refuse to take the straight and narrow path, opting for a more wild and much less tamable curly look?

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, beards are meant to be curly by design. Facial hair is a little thicker, coarser, and flatter than elsewhere on your body causing your beard to curl. This could go back thousands of years and also stem from our evolutionary need to keep our bodies warm, but that’s another video for another time.

Of course, you can try to blow-dry the heck out of your beard or straighten it, but rather than go to those extremes, we suggest you simply embrace your beard’s curly nature. Curly hair makes your beard appear both denser and fuller and it’s those attributes that make your beard unique, contributing to altering textures, shades, and lengths that help your beard stand out from everyone else’s. Embrace your beard for everything it is and stop trying to alter your natural growth. We promise, it’s the way to go.

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Beard on everyone.

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