How to Deal With the Hateful Comments Found on Social Media

—Josh Lawson

You're a wrong person. Eric Bandholz talks about the hate and intolerance in the community in today's video. It is directed at the small vocal minority of assholes on the internet. This video isn't aimed at the amazing, quiet majority who are doing their part to change the way society views beardsmen and occasionally challenging the assholes mentioned above. It is 2017 and there are still some people out there who are still just awful people. It's a tough thing to say, You are a terrible person. You sit at your computer and type mean and hateful things to people who are different than you. They have different choices than you and impart nothing on you at all. They are not affecting you in any other way other than you randomly coming across it on the Internet. Then you come in with your hateful words and asshole comments, and you think you're better than everyone. You are a terrible person.

Heres the thing though, everyone's different. Some people are into dudes. Some people are into girls. Some people are into nobody. Some people are tall. Some people are short. Some people are fat, and some are skinny. We are different. Some people are from America. Some people are from India. We are different. It's ok to be different. Because I'm a tall skinny white guy, doesn't mean I'm trying to make you a tall skinny white guy. Because I have a beard, doesn't mean I'm trying to make you have a beard. I'm trying to help people become who they want to be, to become themselves, to empower them to find their own inner beauty and show it to the world. Then you, the asshole on the Internet, come in and try to hammer that down, try to shape them into boxes, and try to make them like you. Because I think you're insecure. I think you aren't comfortable with yourself. I think you don't know who you are, and you're pretending to be someone to appease your parents or your friends, or your pastor, or whoever you look up to.

We are no gonna take your crap anymore. We are going to continue to support diversity, to support people from all walks of life, and change the way society views, not just, beardsmen, but people of all different likes. We are going to bring the whole world together, and leave it better than how we found it. Because that's my responsibility to the world, to unite other rather than split them up.

I am drawing the line here though, you're an asshole. You have the power to change yourself. You have the power to separate your internal thoughts about what you should be with how other people should be. Once you can appreciate that how you are doesn't affect others, just like how they are doesn't affect you. Then you can start to be one of these people of peace and bring people together, and celebrate our differences rather than force conformity.

It's as simple as, you're free to grow your beard and you're free to shave it. Having a beard doesn't make you any more masculine or feminine than not having a beard. Lifting weights, doing manly things, working on a computer, sewing, knitting, making cosmetic ingredients, all these things are THINGS, they are things. Then arbitrarily society dictates what is manly or feminine. Using a hair dryer is feminine, spending too much time on yourself in the bathroom is feminine. What the eff... are you kidding me? Do what you wanna do. Do what you find enjoyment from. If someone else wants to do something else, who cares? Get real, man. Quit being an asshole. Look at yourself. Find your own beauty, and find that own confidence in yourself, so that you don't have to push your insecurities on to other people.

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