How to Eat with a Mustache or Beard

—Urban Beardsman

Although beardsmen are subject to many obstacles while letting their man manes grow free, there is no greater hurdle than learning to eat and drink with an overly hairy face. For any man who has grown out their facial hair, particularly their mustache, it is a thrice-daily battle to keep your mustache out of your mouth while enjoying a meal and making sure that you aren’t taking any leftovers with you hidden in your beard.

In this video, Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, a man whose mustache truly rivals just about anyone else’s, demonstrates tips for more efficient eating, including training your mustache to stay to the side, opening your mouth much wider than normal, taking smaller bites, and using a knife and fork whenever possible.

Eric also highlights some of the foods that he’s simply sworn off to ensure he keeps his mustache and beard looking prime, including ribs, hot wings, loaded hot dogs, bagels slathered in cream cheese, and essentially any other finger food you can imagine. Additionally, while drinking is a slightly simpler process, Eric insists on using straws, to-go cups, and canned beverages whenever possible.

There’s no hiding it – eating and drinking with a sizable mustache is truly a pain in the ass. Yet, as beardsmen we learn to embrace patience in our daily lives and it’s that very virtue that’ll help when you get frustrated while trying to eat a burrito that no mere mortal should ever be capable of fitting in their mouth, with or without facial hair.

For any other questions regarding eating tips for beardsmen, tweet  the man himself at @bandholz.
Beard on everyone.

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