How To Find a Barber That's Right For You

Parker Mallouf

"Do you know of a barber to cut my hair/beard?" This is a very popular question asked by our community. It's not easy finding a barber that you trust again and again with your precious hair and beard. Like Carlos says, if you're in the market for finding a new barber, social media is your best friend. Find people with good hair styles, and ask them where they go. Be communicative and open with your barber. Listen to their advice. If they feel your hair type doesn't work with your desired style, be open to suggestions. Good luck in your search! 


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  • Can you mention anybody on the west side of Cleveland Ohio ?

    John Mize on

  • I checked online for a barber in Chicago who also did good beard trims. I found Pete’s on N. Elston St. I was warned that I might have to wait and did wait about an hour and fifteen minutes to get my hair cut. While I sat there, I watched the two barbers talk to each client about hair type and style choices; I also noticed five of the best beards that I had seen in weeks. I knew that I was in the right place. While I waited, I was very entertained. Pete’s Barber Shop in Chicago is great!

    Mark Wilson on

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