How to Fix A Broken Beard - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack's back for the 17th edition of his yeard update, and this time he's taking us from sickly to stately with the use of his favorite products. He was knocked down hard by the flu last week, and he really let his beard go. He didn't trim it, he didn't brush it, he didn't wash it, and he definitely didn't shave. He was looking like a hot mess. 

Sickly Jack

After a week of untouched growth and tangling, his beard was out of control. It was dry, his ends were breaking, and he was actually tired of having a beard. 

Once he was feeling a bit better, he took his dry, brittled mess of a mane and used his grooming routine to get it back on track. It's a testament to the Power of Product - even using just one reliable product makes a world of difference for your beard's softness, appearance, and overall health. 

Jack is definitely a product supporter - he uses our products on the regular, but he hasn't always. After a half a year of getting used to a finer grooming routine, he was shocked by how uncomfortable his beard was once he let that routine go. Here's the routine that got his mojo back:


Wetting and washing the beard with beard wash and following up with beard softener will make a world of difference when applying product and using grooming tools. Applying conditioning products to an already damp beard are going to help that extra moisture absorb into your skin in hair. The presence of water opens up your skin and hair cells and allows beard oil and balm to penetrate deeper, giving an even more effective conditioning effect. 

Utility Balm

Jack then busts out his utility balm because he's found it to be even more effective than beard oil for large, coarse beards. He uses more than he usually would because after a week of neglect, his beard needs all the help it can get. 

He works the balm deep into his beard using fingers, thumbs, and his palms to get as much coverage as possible. He then uses a wide-toothed comb to whip the beard into the correct shape and distribute that balm evenly. 

Styling Balm

To get this newly conditioned beard ready for the public, he adds finishing touches with styling balm. While styling balm isn't meant to condition your beard, he's already utilized utility balm to take care of that. He works the styling balm into his beard evenly so he can make it cooperate. 

Side note - when you use styling balm you're likely going to see some beard hairs in your hands afterwards. That's totally normal! Hairs on your head and all over your body fall out - you just don't notice it. 

Finally, he uses a small finger's worth of styling balm to pull his head hair together and make it more presentable. 

Boar Bristle Brush

The final shape is accomplished with a boar's hair brush to style his beard and get the look he's known for. 

Jack's grown to love this routine even more now that he's gone without it for a week. He finishes feeling refreshed and ready to work!


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