How to Get a Beard Fade and Trim

—Wil Mouradian

Charlie with Gentleman & Rogue's Club is with us again for another barbershop video. Today's customer loves the overall shape of his beard, so Charlie's just going to clean up the wild bits and give him a high fade, then trim the hair on top. He'll fade his beard into the fade of his haircut.

Starting the Fade

Charlie starts with trimming the customer's head on the sides and down the back with a 0.5 guard, going as high as the temple. He then fades the hairline into his cut at a 1.0 guard. Charlie works through the customer's phone call like a champ on this - it's a busy world at a busy shop, so sometimes you've just gotta roll with it.

Charlie's famous "flicking" technique with a guard to do a defined fade is well in display hair to give the haircut a defined shape with a soft border. He cleans up the transition from the fade into the cut using his comb and clippers after that, then does a final once-over with a guard to catch any missed hairs.

Trim the Top

The customer only wants a quick trim on the top. He still has to get through a phone call, so Charlie wets his comb instead of the customer's head to keep electronics safe. He then combs up the hair into a peak to give him that trim. He finishes off with a blow dryer.

Trim the Beard

The customer has had his beard threaded previously, which is a service Charlie doesn't offer (find out more about beard threading here)- so he's going to sharpen up the border of the sideburns, corner, and neckline. He starts with a Wahl clipper - no guard.

Charlie is able to use the whiskers and scruff from the customer's last professional cut to guide the cut. The sideburns are the first part of the beard he trims, fading it into the fade of his cut.

After the cleaning of the edges of the beard and the sideburn, Charlie free-cuts the customer's beard to strengthen its rounded shape, and opts to leave the mustache as is. As always, they finish off with some Utility Balm.

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