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How To Get Bouncy Hair

Want to get bouncy, voluminous hair? Well today, Carlos is here to show you exactly how he styles his hair to give it some life and what products he uses to get it there.

First thing’s first, Carlos suggests towel drying your hair, followed by using a hair dryer to prep your hair. Next, spray in a generous amount of Beardbrand’s men’s sea salt spray and work it down to your roots. The sea salt spray is specially designed to help you recreate your favorite beach hair anytime, anywhere by giving your locks a voluminous, textured style that looks like you just walked out of the surf.

Next, use the hair dryer to dry the sea salt spray while you work your hands through your hair to give it some volume and bounce.

You can stop here if you want a loose, natural look, but Carlos likes to lock it in place by throwing in a bit of clay for a matte finish, strong hold.

That’s all there is to it! So grab yourself some men’s sea salt spray and get to styling!





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