How to Get the Perfect Haircut with an Updated 1920's Look

—Josh Lawson

Today we have Jacob at the Gentlemen & Rogues Club getting his haircut by Charlie. Similar to Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders Jacob wants to do a low skin fade to about the temples. Then take it down with the foils and blend the way up, leaving a bit of the weight up top. He's also gonna leave a bit of weight near a scar he has, and fade around it accordingly. Charlie starts by creating a line near the temple where he knows he wants to fade it, dipping around the crown (lower than usual) cause Jacob wants a low fade. Now that the outline is all the way around, he cleans up the hair he had left with the trimmers and moves on to the foils to make it skin tight. He flicks out when doing this to leave a little bit of stubble and enhances the look of the fade later.

Then on to a 0.5 open guard, Charlie flicks above the detail line that he just put in. Now there is a second line, and he is gonna take a 0.5 closed guard and flick at the bottom line to blend the area between the two lines. After that he moves to a no guard that is slightly open and flicks at the original detail line again, further blending the area to create an ideal fade. After sectioning away the top part, he takes an open 0.5, practically a 1, and fade the area while avoiding the scar that Jacob has. Charlie takes a bit of the weight out using a comb and clippers. He prefers that technique cause it's like freehanding it. He can adjust how long he wants to the hair to be a lot fast than if he used a guard. He's created another line, he would've had three or four had he not blended the other ones earlier.

Charlie pulls the skin tall so it's nice and tight, then begins to fade the area between those two lines. After that, he does a scissor over the comb to take some weight out of the sides. This really softens the lines up and makes it look really nice. As he works the comb through, he slowly pulls away but keeps the same pace in his scissors. He only moves one of the blades of the scissors as to maintain the steadiness. There's really no need to move his whole hand, or the fingers, just the thumb mostly. Now with the weight line that he left, he's gonna pick it up and follows the line that the hair makes with his trusty scissors. Then he goes to the back and does the same thing, but does it at an angle so part of the hair covers Jacob's scar.

Resting the scissors on his fingers, Charlie point cuts the edges to add some texture to the sides and soften up the line. He takes the hair on top and point cuts it as well to add texture, take out weight, and give it some style. Some of the pieces end up longer than others, and that's what gives it the texture and makes it look choppy. Then he brings the comb across his hair and point cuts the top once more, only closing the scissors as he is pulling out.

He ends with a blow dry, a comb, and whal thinning scissors. Then using some product to style his hair up, and leave him with a brand new doo.

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