How to Get Your Free Beardbrand Posters!

—Josh Lawson
How to Get Your Free Beardbrand Posters!

Table of Contents

  1. About the Posters
  2. Finding the Posters on Our Website
  3. Downloading The Posters
  4. Getting them Printed
  5. Buying a Frame

About the Posters

First, we have the Anatomy of the Beard poster. It’s a take on those vintage anatomy diagrams that your doctor has in their office or the ones you’d find in your textbooks. Our is much simpler though, with only a mustache and beard to identify. It still looks amazing though!

Then we have the Psychedelic Beard. It’s been inspired by optical illusions. The lines of the beard go one way, and the background goes another. It’d be a great conversation piece to keep in your living room.

Last but not least, there is the Offset Beards poster. Basically, we have our beard on there with a different color and texture shadow behind them, and, you guessed it, offset from it slightly.

Finding the Posters

How to find the little morsels might not be very apparent at first. Fear not though. You can find them by moving your mouse up to the “Products” label near the top of our website.

 Once you’re done with that, you’ll need to look under “Gear” and mouse your way over to “Posters” and click it.

Don’t get lost yet, we’ve still got plenty more to go. You’ll want to pick out the poster(s) you want to frame up in your home like the goddamn piece of art is. Once you choose which ones, you want to click the shop button to add it to your cart. We went with “Anatomy of a Beard” to help guide you through the process.

After you add it to your cart, continue the order like you normally would, filling out your information. After putting in your email and address, it should show you this screen.

Go ahead and continue the order.

It’ll lead you to that screen, and you can download it right then and there. If it takes too long to show you that link, don’t worry, you can check your email for a download link. That looks like this:

You’re gonna want to click on the link (the longer URL that has blue letters). It’ll ask you to download a file that is compressed (ZIP file). So just click the button to start that part of the process.

It’ll download the file as is, so you’ll need to uncompress it. Find where you downloaded the file. It’ll usually be in the “Downloads” area of your computer. Just double click the file and it should uncompress and give you access to all the files.

There you have it. Now the posters are yours forever!

Printing the Posters

Oh now you want to print them out and hang them up? What, was digital not good enough for you? We can help you out though, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through how to order from CVS and Office Depot. If you have a Costco membership, there is a text file with how to order them that way. Let's start with CVS. You’ll want to go to their website, and click “Photo” in the upper right.

Once there, you’ll want to move your mouse over to prints, and click it then click on the type of poster you want. Both Matte and Glossy have all the sizes you need, so it’s just a personal preference for the type you chose. We’re gonna pick Matte.

After that, you’ll want to pick the size of the poster you’d like to print. As long as what you order matches the size of the poster, then everything’ll be all good. You’ll also want to change the orientation from landscape to portrait, cause all our posters are designed that way.

Next, you upload them by clicking on the upward arrow in the top right, then click computer, and find your files once again. Make sure they align with the size you chose earlier.

Now that it has been uploaded to your account, you can move on to one of the last steps. Your poster will automatically be selected after it uploaded, so just click the button in the top right to finish up.

Just make sure it all fits, click “review and buy”, then “Order Now”, input your info and you’re good to go.

Now we’re gonna run through how to order from Office Depot. It’s basically more of the same, but we’re gonna do it anyway. On their homepage, you can immediately see the “Print & Copy” section, mouse over to it, and click on the “Posters” subsection.

Finding a Frame

Similar to last time, you’re gonna want to choose the size once again, but this time it’s automatically selected portrait for you. Next, you gotta upload your file.

Then you need to add it to your cart, and put in all your relevant information.

If you’d like to order a frame from Amazon, we have a list of a few affordable options:

11x14 frames

Black —

White —

16x20 frames

Black —

White —

20x30 frames

Black —

Once you’ve made it to this point, you’re all done. You’ve found the posters, downloaded them, printed them, and even got a frame to hang them up in. Congrats!

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