How to Groom Men's Armpits | Carlos Costa

Proper grooming habits go way beyond the beard. In this video, Carlos explains his technique for trimming an area of the body that many men neglect - the under arms.

Leave your hair and beard products on the shelf. Grooming your armpits is as easy as grabbing your clippers, and selecting your preferred grade.

There's no right or wrong direction. Take notice not to apply excessive pressure to the area, as the skin under the arm tends to be me more sensitive to irritation.

After you finish, you should have the perfect amount of under arm hair. Just long enough to avoid looking like a pre-pubescent boy, but short enough that onlookers won't be wondering if you have a furry creature living in your armpit.

Things to avoid:

    - Using a straight razor.
    - Using creams or unnecessary chemicals that may cause irritation.



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