How to grow a full, thick beard

—Eric Bandholz
How to grow a full, thick beard

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I make my beard thicker or fuller.” Well, my suggestions are normally based around maximizing your own beard’s genetics. You do that by boosting your natural testosterone – which means eating right, exercising and living weights, taking appropriate supplements like biotin and fish oil, and lowering your stress and other poor habits.

If you’ve absolutely maximized your beard growing potential and you are into your 30’s then maybe you can start to consider options that will help give you a fuller thicker beard. You have pretty much two options, one is to take minoxidil (aka Rogaine) and the other option is to get hair implants.

With minoxidil any hair that grows when you take it will fall out when you quit taking it. It also comes with some side effects; like any other drug. With a beard implant you’ll find the cost to be pretty expensive. I’ve heard it can be anywhere from $5k to $20k to get the treatment done. Of course those come with a lot of pains of surgery.

As always, our best suggestion is to embrace who you are and the genetics that you’ve been dealt. You’re beard is truly unique to you and makes you who you are.

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