How to Grow Beyond Your Potential

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The first thing you need to do to grow beyond your potential is to make sure you’re living at your potential already. That means bringing up the basics; exercising, eating right, and taking care of yourself mentally. With exercising you want to include cardio in your routine and focus on strength training. This is what is going to naturally boost your testosterone, which helps grow your beard in, and gives you an extra boost of energy.

When it comes to food, you hear a lot about eating fruits and veggies, but you’ll also want to get plenty of protein in there too. You can get it from animal or plant sources. It doesn’t matter as long as you eat within your limits. Leafy greens are also great! You can pile up your plate with them and just eat until you’re full. They don’t have enough calories in them to overeat or oversupply your body. That way you won’t pack on any extra weight.

A lot of people focus on the mental aspects of growth. They see a physical change like, weight loss, hair growth, or watching a beard grow in. What people forget to take into account is their mental health. Your brain is the part that is going to help you grow beyond your potential. Having the right frame of mind, positivity, and having focus and direction is influenced by your wellbeing. If you’re healthy, eating right, and exercising you’ll have a ton of energy to tackle the day.

Mindfulness can really help get your brain and thoughts in the right place. You can go for walks or relax with headphones on to clear your mind. Practicing this can also help visualize what you want to do in life. Everyone can be slightly different in the way they achieve that state, but find what works best for you and use it on a daily basis.

Once you take care of your body, mind, and you’re in the right place you can start to work toward growing beyond that. The biggest thing when taking that step is to surround yourself with your idols and people who you want to be like cause you are the sum of the company you keep around. You’ll start to learn how they think and act, or how they dress and shop. Even with beards, genetics may play a huge role, but if you surround yourself with people whose beards you want to emulate you can start to pick up their little tips. It’s those baby steps and that information that will help you move to achieve that growth.

You always want to be learning. That hunger for knowledge and growth will take you far. The moment you settle and are ok with where you are is the moment that you’ll stop growing. Life is short, so you need to focus on making yourself better every single day. You’ve got to take care of your body. You’ve got to take care of your mind. You have to invest in yourself if you want to continue to grow. It’s constantly evolving too, so you keep it going and find what works best for you. You won’t be an expert in a month, sometimes it can take years. Patience is required, and you can build that growing and feeding off your wins.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder