How To Keep Your Beard Looking Its Best This Winter

—Urban Beardsman
How To Keep Your Beard Looking Its Best This Winter

Winter is responsible for an endless number of good things: flannel, an excuse to spike your warm apple cider, and the opportunity to go skiing every weekend. However, our most frigid season of the year also brings about a number of issues that we beardsmen, ahem, face head on. Cold temperatures, increased wind, and drier air all take their toll on us both mentally and physically, but one area that gets hit particularly hard are our beards themselves.

Whether it’s because of No Shave November or just the onslaught of cold that we want to protect our faces from, for many guys, the winter months are synonymous with growing a beard. Of course, we fully support this, but for many guys, keeping their beards looking their best as the winter months roll on can be tough. Luckily, we have some suggestions for making sure your beard stays looking and feeling its best as we stroll into 2016.

Develop A Grooming Routine

More of an overarching philosophy than merely a tip, developing a routine for grooming your beard is clutch, especially during the winter. Unlike the summertime, when many of us simply throw on as little clothing as possible, dressing yourself takes more time during the winter, therefore cutting down your available time in the morning before work. Establishing a routine for beard maintenance can help you become more efficient throughout your day and will ensure that your beard looks and feels its best as the post-holiday weeks drag on.

Trim Your Beard When Needed

Psst, we have a secret to share: your beard isn’t going to look perfect as it continues to grow. We know this is shocking, but sometimes the truth is hard to believe. 99.9% of guys’ beards do not grow perfectly even and, as your beard gets longer, those uneven areas will become more pronounced and noticeable. The solution is simple, commandeer a pair of scissors, which you might already have for your mustache, or an electric beard trimmer and simply even it out when needed. A minute amount of trimming here and there can really make a world of difference.

Keep Your Beard Lubricated

Laugh all you want, but beards dry out quickly, especially during the winter. Remember, when you cover up the rest of your body with clothing, hats, and gloves during the winter, you face and beard are still usually exposed to the elements. Our suggestion, get your hands on some beard oil. You might’ve considered the idea before or even tried it out once or twice, but with your facial skin drying out at a fervent pace during the winter, your beard will be in serious need of any moisture it can get. No need to overdo do it, but before heading out into the cold morning air, dab a little oil through your beard to help make sure that it’s not itchy and irritated by the time you get to the office.

Keep Your Beard Clean

Obviously, you want to keep your facial hair clean, this is already assumed. However, with the combination of ice, snow, and wind, your beard is going to be catching all sorts of debris before spring comes around. The keys here are washing both your beard and face when needed, but not so often that you’re harshly drying out your facial region. Aside from your presumed daily shower, there’s no need to specifically wash your beard every day, however, once or twice a week we suggest giving it a thorough cleaning and combing through. If you can follow that schedule, your beard will keep looking its best as the winter drags on.

Keep Your Hands Away From Your Beard

We all fidget and pick and peel and pluck, it’s human nature. However, during the winter, when it seems like everything is little more itchy or dried out or irritated, we have a tendency to let our worst habits get the best of us even more than usual. Picking at one’s beard is a legit issue we see among beardsmen of all ages and can cause some serious damage to that man mane of yours if you don’t learn to curb the urge. Look, we know it’s cold and dry and your face itches and you’re only human, but try to remember that it’s hard to stop once you start. Besides stroking your beard from time to time while deep in thought or performing your morning maintenance, do your best to keep your hands away from your beard. Come April, you’ll thank us.

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