How to Maintain Your Skin Fade Haircut

—Josh Lawson

Martin from Portugal is in Cut & Grind to touch up his skin fade and trim his beard. He trusts Darren to cut it with whatever guard he chooses but knows that he wants it short. He starts by tapering it down to the bottom with a 0 but makes sure to avoid the moles on the back of his neck. Then he uses a 1 guard to create another line and take away most of the weight along the sides. After that, he takes the comb and clippers to take the hair down near the top and uses an open 1 guard to fade that area. He uses a clipper over comb again in the back to do the same thing.

Darren does a similar thing all around the head to maintain the balance of the hair. Next, he moves on to the beard. He trims the back of it and the neckline so it all looks trimmed up and neat, then takes care of the growth line on the cheeks. He uses scissors to trim the mustache, going very slow and delicately as to not cut his lips. Then, he uses the scissors on the ends of the beard to maintain the shape.

He doesn't want to cut straight across, so what he's gonna do instead is go against the growth pattern and connect the ends. Darren didn't want to get rid of too much of Martin's beard length but had to trim away a few of his curls. To finish of the cut, he uses the foils to cut the hair flush with the skin. Lastly, he works on some Old Money Beard Oil. into his beard to leave his beard feeling light and moisturized.

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