How to manage a beard cowlick

—Emily Wylie

Do you have spirals in your beard or unruly hairs that do not cooperate? No matter how much product you put in your hair it still won’t stay where you want it? You tried shaving but it just grew back the same way? You have a beard cowlick. These natural imperfections can actually be great and offer you a unique and personalized style that is yours alone, but they can also be really frustrating to work with, especially when you have more than one. The challenge is to to learn how to set your beard up for proper cowlick management and then follow these tips and tricks by your boy, Eric Bandholz. There are ways to over come these natural variations in growth pattern by training the hair and by styling it. But, first and foremost, you have to embrace it.

Tips and Tricks

Eric’s suggestions on how to manage cowlicks and what tools can really help train the hair to grow in the direction you want starts with growing your beard out. Most cowlicks and curls are more difficult to work with when they are in a short stage of growth. By letting it grow, the length will add weight and volume that will straighten and fill out areas that are effected by a spiral or cowlick.

The Right Products

Next, you should use a good boars hair brush to help train the hair to grow in the direction that you want. Using a boars hair brush will also help keep your beard healthy and shiny by grabbing a hold of those natural face oils and redistribute them along the hair follicle as well as exfoliating the skin and pores underneath. Finally, you need to use good styling products that offer extra support and hold to keep the hair where you want it and also help train it to grow in the right direction. If you find a style that works with your cowlick instead of against it, then these styling products will support the unique look you have learned to embrace.  For a light hold that smoothes frizz and adds a light moisturizing shine, try the Utility Balm. For something with a little more hold and texture be sure to grab our Styling Balm. Both the Utility Balm and Styling Balm are great to use on both hair and beard!

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