How to Put a Modern Twist on the Crew Cut

Adrian the pub owner is here today at Gentleman & Rogues to get a haircut from Charlie. He's gonna get a 0.5 about mid way to the temple, and blend the way up. Then scissor cut to blend the side to the top, and taper the edges around the ear. Charlie takes a closed 0.5, holding it in reserve, and puts in his line. He's holding it this way so he can get a little bit closer, and essentially pencil draw in the line. Above the line gets a fade. He likes to line up the beard using a cut throat razor as well. While still using the same clippers and guard he takes out all the hair under the line.

Now he swaps over to a 1 guard, holds it at 90 degrees, and flicks at the line. Holding the clippers at that angle allows you to get a little bit more length on the hair. He wants it that way because it'll make it easier to blend out the second line he just made later. After switching back to the 0.5 guard he moves it to open, he keeps it flat and flicks away the rest of the line in a U motion, and keeps the skin tight to make sure he gets it all. Charlie makes sure not to go too high, as he doesn't want all the hair to be that short.

They have one line left. Charlie ops for a 0 guard and a Whal comb. It'll help him keep the hairs at the same length, or longer depending on the angle he holds it. Right now he's using it to take out some of the weight around the sides. The reason he keeps going over the same section is that he is slowly moving it up and changing the angle. Instead of left to right, he's going bottom up just to make sure he gets those individual hairs. Charlie wets the hair and begins to do a scissor over comb technique to soften the edges.

He point cuts the irregularities around the head to break up any of the weight lines that have been left over. Now they begin to focus on blending the sides to the top by connecting the shortest piece of hair to the longest. Usually, he just uses clippers, in and out, but this gives a little bit more control over the end look. On to sectioning, he does a club cut to connect the sides, then moves on to point cutting to give the entire style some texture. He takes care of the fringe, and sections it as well. He point cuts it as well but makes sure not to make it too short. As he blow drys the hair, you can really see the texture come out.

Now for the beard. He uses to clippers to line it straight up in front of the ear. Then uses them to trim away stray hairs on the cheek, and lines up the throat. He carves his way around the lips to trim the mustache and uses his other hand to stabilize the motion. Lastly, the comb comes out and scissors come out to keep the beard all in line with itself. And a straight razor is used to get rid of the baby hairs.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder