How to Rock a Pompadour in a Corporate Job

Today, at Gentleman & Rogues Club, we have James coming in for a skin fade from Craig. He wants to focus on the back and sides. They start with a horseshoe section. Basically, they section the top of the hair to make the rest look like a horseshoe. Then they start with a 2 guard all the way around and about 3/4 up. Next Craig takes a 0 up to about a centimeter below where the last line was to leave room to taper. Craig also shapes the beard slightly by trimming it back to the point James originally had. He takes the detailers and cleans up the little hairs he may have missed, then takes the foils to get the hair flush with the skin.

They don't want to go too high with the skin fade, cause they still want room to taper it out. No matter what equipment he uses, he's always gonna follow the same line and similar motions. Usually, its only the foils that you have to use in different directions to make sure you get all the hair. Craig brushes off each area after the foils go over it to make sure he didn't miss any, and to keep the area clean.

Next, he takes the comb and takes out off the bulk from the hair on the sides. He gonna move through different guards to give it the cleanest look at the very it. He doesn't want to waste time switching guards, so he gradually angles the comb out. After all that business with the comb, he goes in with a 1 guard and tries to evaporate the line by flicking at it, but doesn't want to go too high and eliminate the blend he just made. Craig takes the 0 guard again and just flicks it to help fade it again.

He takes a rotary trimmer and uses his thumb to hold James' skin tall so he won't miss any hairs. Now, after wetting his hair again, he makes sure the part is clean by using a comb and scissors to give it a nice clean look. He also trims the back of the hair so that they connect. He directs the hair downward and connects those at an angle. He also splits it down the middle to get the profile of the hair and trims where necessary.

Now Craig adds some Sea Salt Spray and uses a hair dryer and a round brush to dry the side part, connect the crown together, and gives James the perfect amount of volume for hair while also giving him the style he wanted by drying the hair upward. He finishes off with some texturizing scissors, and some Styling Balm to get the best look possible.




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