How to Slick Back Your Hair with a Skin Fade

—Josh Lawson

Aaron, who is a sign engineer, came into the shop today to get his hair cut. He wants to get a skin fade around the temple from Craig. First things first, they spray his hair down to get rid of the product he already had in it. He last had his haircut about a month ago, so he mostly wants a trim. Craig sections the hair off to begin to fade. He starts at the side of the head and follows up to the eyebrow bone to keep everything in line. As he goes passed the ear, he slightly angles the comb. As usual, he dips down around the back of the neck to avoid the bone. Craig flicks out as he goes cause he doesn't want to make a hard line at the bottom.

He takes the clippers and comb around again to help fade the area between the hair and the neck. He really wants to blend it well. Then he takes some finer trimmers to fade it more. Now that the bulk of it is done, Craig takes his outliners and takes the hair on the skin much shorter. He pulls the skin tall and follows up to his line so he can he all the hair he wants.

Now he puts talc on the head, a little trick from Josh, which helps desensitize the skin and make skin fades more comfortable for the client. Next, he takes a 0 guard, closed clippers, just fanning over the line to get rid of it. Then on to an open lever, going over that line again to further fade it. Time for comb and scissors, Aaron wants a little bit off the top, so he starts the crown and connects the lengths of hair by cutting them and taking a little bit of the weight all the way around. Arron's hair is quite straight on the sides, and point out, so he cuts into the hairline to soften the line and round it a little bit to give it a natural look.

Next, they dry it off to see how it sits naturally, and make sure both of them are satisfied. Craig ends the cut with some texturizing scissors on the ends through a comb to soften up those edges once again. This allows the hair to fall in the shape of Aaron's head. If you cut too much it'll flare up and get a bunch of broken ends. We finally end with a final round with the Whal clipper to get rid of any hair he missed along the scalp, and clean up all the baby hairs with a straight razor to give it a nice, put together, look.

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