How to Stop Beard Dandruff

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Although there are a lot of differences between beards and the hair you find on the rest of your head, your facial hair is still subject to many of the same issues that plague us all at various times. Unfortunately, one of those pesky realities is the presence of beard dandruff.

You’ll find in this video that beard dandruff, much like the variety often times found in your head hair, stems from a number of different causes, each of which is highly treatable and relatively simple to manage.

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, there are three main causes for beard dandruff: dry skin, a fungal infection, or health-related causes.

Dry skin, which is most certainly the most common source, is usually caused by the use of cheaper grooming products for washing your beard and face. Although these products are very efficient at cleaning, in doing so they strip away the beneficial oils in your skin and hair that are pivotal for keeping your face feeling and looking healthy. As a tip, invest in some higher-end natural soap and start using beard oil to protect both your face and skin. (Editor’s Note: Beardbrand will be launching a beard wash and softener line February 2nd, 2015!)

For fungal infections, it’s best to seek out specialized grooming products to help alleviate the problem, but on top of that, spending more time in the sun is shown to help battle fungus. Additionally, when it comes to beard dandruff being brought on by your personal health, the best ways to battle that are by eating better, getting more exercise, and taking extra vitamins to strengthen both your facial hair and skin.

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