How to Stop Your Beard From Itching

—Urban Beardsman

Rookie beardsmen the world over are all experiencing one of the signature stages of facial hair growth as we speak: the itchy beard phase. For any and all beard growers, it’s an inevitable stretch that plagues everyone who puts down the razor and embraces the more natural approach to managing your man mane, but have you ever wondered why it happens?

Why Does Your Beard Itch?

In today’s video, BeardBrand founder Eric Bandholz explains why your face itches when you start growing a beard (hint – it has something to do with the ends of your beard hairs becoming needle-like) and explores the catch-22 relationship between shaving and your beard itching.

What are Your Solutions for Itchy Beard Syndrome?

On top of playing scientist, Eric offers his own personal set of tips for dealing with early onset beard itchiness, including: just dealing with it, moisturizing the hell out of your skin, trying to limit how often you wash your new beard, and using Soft Goat to soften up your stubble from the beginning of your bearded journey.

For any other questions regarding the many stages of bearded-dom, tweet us at @bandholz.

Keep bearding and enjoy.

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