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How to Succeed in Life With Small Changes

Success can be a hard thing to find sometimes, so Eric is here to give his number one rule in video form and I'm here to put it in writing. Whether is comes to growing your hair out, your beard out, improving your styling, improving your relationship with others, improving your career, or whatever it is, you need a foundation to build upon so you can see how to get better, achieve your goals, and really do what you want to do and keep on growing.

A lot of people talk about how these brilliant people who power through the pain and chase their dreams, who cam into lucky situations, or they had all the right connections to find success. We want to stay away from those examples since they are outliers rather than the norm. It's not about surrounding yourself with intelligent people or learning how to block the pain, or how to get smarter. This is something anyone can do; you need to focus on progress over perfection.

If you look at yourself as an individual on your own journey then you can start to look at what you've done in the past, who you are today, and what you can do in the future. By analyzing that progress over time, you're really able to build upon the successes of the past in addition to learning from your failures. There's a risk of focusing on perfection. You can get frozen by focusing on making it the best it can be instead of moving forward and slowly making those changes over time.

There's a story about two teams. One has to release a product as fast as possible and could make changes after it was released. Then the other team had all the time to create the most incredible product. Then they could release it to the market. The goal was to see which team would sell more products and get the most amount of sales. The first group had a rocky start, the product wasn't perfect, and didn't do exactly what it needed to do, but they got it out there and made small changes as they grew. The second grew never released the product because they kept wanting to make changes.

The first group was getting feedback about their product from their customers and audience about how to fix it. That's what you need to do. Make micro adjustments to your life. It's the same thing Beardbrand does. We'll launch a product and listen to customer, community, and employee feedback to make it even better. Focus on incremental progress. You make a 1 percent change every couple of days, and by the end of the year you've reached 100 percent and made the change you wanted to.





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