How To Take Care Of Tattoos

—Urban Beardsman

More so than any other time in history, tattoos are everywhere. Take a walk through any city from Seattle to Austin to Chicago to Nashville to New York and you’ll see guys and girls just covered in ink. Much like beards themselves, employers are becoming much less concerned with visible tattoos being on display in the workplace, which is leading to even more people getting tattoos regularly. However, when it comes to taking care of your tattoos, there are a few key steps to ensuring you keep your skin healthy and your tattoos looking their best.

According to a friend of Urban Beardsman and Team Beardbrand member Carlos Costa, the first step when taking care of a new tattoo is leaving on the clean film that you receive at the shop for 24 hours, including overnight. Then slowly remove it and wash off any gunk that’s built up since having the ink put on. After washing and drying it with a fresh towel, apply some tattoo balm and continue doing so for the first week or so if you want it to stay looking its best. The balm helps keep the skin healthy and even help prevent itchiness.

Next, use a moisturizing tattoo lotion to hydrate the skin. This also helps keep the color at its boldest and brightest. Lastly, if you got out to the beach or to sunbathe, make sure to apply sunscreen regularly. The sun is your tattoos’ worst enemy and applying higher-level SPF sunscreen will help protect your tattoos from the sun’s rays.

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