How to Trim a Dense Ginger Beard

—Josh Lawson

Fluan is still in the barbershop, and here's the beard trim we promised you! he's with Dave again with the sole focus being on his beard. He starts by combing the beard out. This helps straighten it, get rid of any food, and just makes it easier to trim up. He likes the length, so they just maintain it and trim the strays.

Dave starts by taking the trimmers and bringing in the thickness on the sides. He keeps checking in the mirror as he goes to make sure he hasn't taken too much off. To trim the bottom, he leans Fluan back against the headrest, which allows Dave to reach it without a problem. He already told Dave where he wants his beard to be. Basically, he's already there, so Dave creates a small line and follows it to the back. After this he goes back and rounds off the edges, taking away the angle and harshness of the beard.

For the stache, he wants to keep the length outward. he wants to put a fishtail in the middle and get it out of his mouth. Before beginning on that, he trims around the ears and around the neck to get rid of any baby hairs.

Dave brings Fluan down slightly so he can he the beard from the top. He holds the mustache up and trims the line right around the lips. For him, the bears and mustache are two different things, so he wants to keep them that way. Dave takes the scissors and cuts a small triangle in the middle of the lip. They keep the natural looking cheekline and just trim the little hairs around the area. Then he uses a straight razor to take it just up to the hair instead of the line.

After trimming, Dave brings Fluan back up-right and at sitting level. The shape is looking great, but he looks through the beard again and trims where he needs to with scissors. To finish off, they add Styling Balm and work it through the beard and comb through it with a Beard Comb.

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