How to Trim Your Beard at the Neckline

—Urban Beardsman

When you start growing a beard for the first time, there are many thoughts that cross your mind, most of which are centered on how bad-ass you look or pondering why the color of your beard doesn’t match the hair on top of your head. However, one thing that most guys don’t end up thinking about until the last minute is trimming your beard’s neckline, a procedure that seems simple, but can be truly detrimental to the rookie beardsman.

How low should I cut? Will anyone even notice if? Should I wax it? Luckily for us, BeardBrand founder Eric Bandholz has a method for finding your neckline and ensuring that your beard looks well-managed.

In this video, Eric provides some introductory tips for ensuring that your beard looks as good as it makes you feel. First off, do not simply follow your jaw line. Many first timers think this is the way to go and they end up losing half of their beard in the process. What you want to aim for is the line where your head meets the neck, which on most guys lands about an inch above their Adam’s apple. Use that as a measuring point and carefully shave away any hair below that line. Many guys will get hair down their neck as well, both in the front and back, and it’s best to shave that off too, along with any outliers on your upper cheeks.

Like all things beard-related, your style is completely up to you and these are simply starting points for personal maintenance. Just make sure your beard is groomed to match the rest of you and you’ll be good to go.

For any other questions regarding finding the ideal neckline for your beard, tweet us at @bandholz.

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