How to Trim Your Beard Without a Razor

—Josh Lawson

Greg's here today to tell what kind of surgical equipment you need to keep your beard in check. You won't be doing surgery, don't worry. Scissors and tweezers are all helpful, but this is something you might not think about. There are different approaches to grooming, some guys trim everything and use products, and others just get rid of stray hairs, or just let it grow. There's no judgment in the amount of grooming you do, there's room for everyone.

Some areas on your face need to be groomed, and a lot of us don't talk about it. Your nose, ears, cheeks, and sometimes even eye lids might escape your view, so it's important to give them the attention they need. The tool you can use to help take care of these issues is a pair of forceps. They are typically used to clamp something and pull it back after locking in place.

You can use it to go in and just grab a hair and pull it out. Since it is surgical steel, they won't bend or break no matter how much you use them. If you need a little bit of time to deal with the hair in those problem areas, so can always ask your barber to do it for you. But, by pulling hair out with the forceps it stays gone much longer than it would have if you shaved it.

The main area to focus on for mustaches that you may overlook is the area right below the nose. Sometimes the hairs can grow up into your nose, so you can use the forceps to get rid of those suckers. But, as always, it's easier to watch it than read me transcribe the video, so check out the video up top!

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