How to Trim Your Neckline | Yeard Week 4

—Josh Lawson

Jack Milocco is giving his one month update! He'll show you how to trim up your beard to give it some shape and definition. Usually, he doesn't go this long without trimming, so this is what it looks like completely natural. That was a long time to hold off on trimming, so we're here to help you out.

Your neckline can be a little rough to maintain, so Jack is gonna walk you through it. After this point in the growth process, he will trim his neck more consistently since that area grows in thicker than the rest of his beard.

There are two methods you can use to maintain your neck. An electric razor will create that line, but it won't get rid of all the little hairs. A normal razor, or the double edge razor, is the other choice. It will give you super clean lines but takes a little extra time. Jack is gonna show you both.

You'll need to use a mirror so you can actually see what you're doing. There are two methods of the trimming your neckline. The two-finger method is where you look up, and place two fingers above your Adam's apple. Where your finger stops is where your neckline should be. It might look a little weird a first, but once your beard starts to come in more, it will look amazing. The second method is to draw a line from your ear down to your neck and back up to the other ear. When done correctly, you should have a perfect semi-circle.

For the neckline, Jack uses the electric razor because you can always go back and fix it up with a razor later. Since the hair is so long right now, the normal razor doesn't make too much sense. It would just clog up and take way too much time.

He also likes to accentuate the area around his mustache. He likes to show off that little drop. And like we've mentioned before, you have to find a style that works for you. This is his. To trim up that area, he preps the double-edge razor and his face for a wet shave. Gravity is really the only force you need to use this razor. You don't want to push too hard, as you might cut yourself.

That is all it takes to trim up the lines around your beard. That will make your beard look a lot neater and more shapely.

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