How to Use Beard Wash & Softeners

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How to Use Beard Wash & Softeners

One of the most fundamental aspects of growing a beard is learning how to keep it clean. Whether it’s food, drinks, or your natural environment, debris is bound to find its way into your beard. Luckily there are a number of products designed specifically to keep your beard looking fresh and feeling great, namely beard wash and softener.

Beard wash is essentially shampoo, but designed to meet the unique needs of your beard. According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, unlike normal shampoo beard wash has fewer surfactants, which can dry out and irritate both facial hair and skin. With some of the thickest skin on your body being on the top of your head, your head hair is bound to become oily and thus requiring a stronger cleaning product. Conversely, our faces produce much less oil, so your facial hair will be fine with a gentler cleaning product.

Additionally, when it comes to beard washes, you want to make sure you aren’t simply using shampoo that’s been re-branded or re-bottled. Make sure whichever brand you use exhibits consistencies among their different beard products to ensure quality and authenticity.

To use beard wash, apply some into your hands and gently incorporate it into your beard, ensuring that it gets down to the skin level. Also, washing once or twice a week (for those of us not working in dirty lines of work) is more than enough. Anymore and you’ll probably be doing more harm than good to your face. After you wash, you’ll want to follow up with some softener, which serves a similar purpose to a conditioner and should be focused on your beard hair rather than the skin itself.

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