Huge Viking Beard Goes From Square to Rounded

—Josh Lawson

Nick came to see Mahesh at Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his beard trimmed and a small cut on top. He wants to change his beard from square to more of a rounded look, which they called a Norweigan Fisherman on holiday in the south of France. Then tidy up the sides and call it a day. The stache is good, so they don't to mess with it much. Mahesh starts with the beard today and goes in with a focus on rounding those corners. He combs the stache down to keep it out of the way. Then starts to trim the sides while arching around the bottom, all while standing head-on in from of Nick.

When you start it's all about taking out the bulk, then you go in and tidy it with scissors when you're done. Nick's beard is actually forgiving to work with since it's so dense. There is a bit of a color change from the front to the underneath, so a pseudo shadow effect forms. Technically it might look slightly off cause of this, but it'll be damn near perfect. Underneath gets a sympathetic cut to preserve a bunch of the look, then Mahesh uses the heel of the trimmers to go around the ears.

The scissors are used across the front to take any of the excess hairs away. Then he does a bit of point cutting around the bottom of the lip. Then Mahesh takes a 1.5 to the back and sides of his haircut. The cut has to match the beard, so they taper the sideburns into the fade. For the haircut, he does a bit of point cutting to cut it some texture. He cleans up the cheek line with a straight razor and some shave gel so he can see what he's doing. Then takes some foils to the back of the neck.

To finish it all off, he adds Styling Balm to the mustache and the haircut, then gives Nick's beard some Utility Balm, and he's on his way out the door!

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