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I'm a Beard Hypocrite

Eric is a beard hypocrite. It's true. Eric has been writing about Beards a long time. His first article titled, Bring Back the Beard, back in 2011 for the Business Insider encouraged men to grow their bears out in a corporate environment. The angle of the article spoke to why men should be allowed to grow a beard. A quote from the piece is strongly worded to portray a negative opinion on the clean shaven man.

"But what about the corporate leaders? They currently leave their face womanly smooth, with no pretense that hair should grow on their faces, and that should change. They model themselves after the political stooges, snakes in the courtrooms, and used car salesmen. The clean shaven look is no look for an honest, hard working American man. It is the look of a crook, a sleezebag, or a boy."

Eric admits that today he would not have used this language. There is a popular correlation of a beard to masculinity, even hyper masculinity, but that is not our message. A guy is a guy and his beard does not and should not define him. It is about the right to grow or not to grow as it was brought to Eric's attention in a conversation with Allan Peterkin, author of One Thousand Mustaches.

A guy that shaves in the summer and grows in the winter does not have fluctuating levels of masculinity, it's their style. Let's empower each other for a better community and a better self, year round.






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