Is Your Beard Ready for Summer? | Eric Bandholz

It's almost summer, and that means sayonara hot, sweaty beard, am I right? Wrong! You've got your facts twisted, amigo, and we're here to set the record straight and get your beard summer-ready.

Summer means more time outside, and plenty of time spent sweating and relaxing in the ocean or the pool. This is when it becomes extra important to make sure you're using beard wash and softener to keep your beard clean and looking its best.

What about the UV rays that damage our skin and beard? Well, remember that first of all, your beard is actually protecting the skin underneath from harmful UV rays, but believe it or not, your beard is also taking a beating under the sun. There are actually sun screens for your hair, and we highly recommend picking yourself up some this summer.

Pro Tip - Eric says to grab yourself a spray bottle and fill it with water. Give your beard a few sprays from time to time - as a breeze passes through, it will essentially act like an air conditioner for your face, and the moisture will feel cool against your face and skin.

And here's a final thought you may not have considered - a bigger, longer beard might help you beat the heat. Your neck has several arteries and veins running through it that regulate body temperature. A longer beard actually blocks a lot of the sun from hitting your neck, and thereby helping keep you cooler.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder