Jack's Biggest Mistake - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack's back with the 15th edition of his yeard update. Jack's never grown his beard this long before - he's used to keeping it at a few weeks' growth and trimming on the regular. This is as long and thick as he's gotten and while he's proud, it's giving him a host of new experiences (and mistakes to make). 

Jack admits to recently committing a big beard blunder. The extra dense growth that he didn't expect is actually highlighting a couple areas of his beard that he isn't so fond of - most notably the gap between his mustache and cheek growth and the thinness of his mustache. Second guessing the look, Jack tried something new one day last week before coming into the office. On his first glance at Jack's new style, Eric (our founder) walked straight over to Jack to talk to him about it. 

"Hey, Jack! Did you try something new today?" he asked. 

"Yes," Jack replied, thrilled that someone notice. "I brushed it forward instead of down to cover up some patches. I'm glad it captured your attention!"

"Ah, yeah," Eric said, his tone shifting. "Those aren't actually patches, man. That's just happening because your cheek growth is so much higher than your mustache. That's pretty normal, and isn't anything to hide. You should keep brushing down! It shows off your density and length, buddy!" 

OK, so that's probably not how that went down verbatim (I don't write a lot of dialogue), but the moment sticks. Jack's biggest mistake wasn't the grooming method (using a boar's hair brush to brush your beard forward with some styling balm), but feeling insecure about how his beard grows in. That's just not the Beardbrand way. 

The Beardbrand way is all about embracing and working with what you've got. Your genetics are the blueprint for how your beard is going to grow in, and no amount of hormones, supplements, or skin treatments are going to change whether or not you have gaps, patches, thin hair, thick hair, or curly or straight hair. If you've got a couple patches or features that you feel aren't your best, changing your entire look just to hide them is going to compromise the features you want to highlight. Jack was brushing his beard forward to cover up a couple gaps of growth, but because his beard is so dense and long, it was pretty apparent, causing Jack to draw more attention to the coverup than to the length and volume of his beard. 

Everyone's different. We say that over and over at Beardbrand because it's true. Embrace what you have, and learn what features are your best so you can highlight them. Resist the urge to cover your perceived beard flaws - you notice them more than anyone else. 

Week In Review

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