Jeff Buoncristiano Shares His 5 Rules to Master The Best Beard

—Parker Mallouf

Jeff is back with some personal tips to share with the first time beard growers. Many people grow a beard for all the wrong reasons. The key to success is to not be influenced by what you "want" your beard to be, but rather enjoy what you have and make the best of it.  

Tip #1 - Be Present
Don't strictly concentrate on what you want your beard to be. Live for the moment and enjoy the journey of growing it out. You'll never be at a perfect place. You're always going to want your beard to look a different way. Don't let this consume you and take away from the simple pleasures of having a beard.

Tip #2 - Be Patient
Beards do NOT give you instant gratification. They take awhile, especially if you want to grow a very long one. Just relax and understand it will keep growing. In just a few short months you'll have one hell of a beard.

Tip #3 - Be Complimentary
You can't change your genetics. However, they can work for you if you let them be the best they can be.

Tip #4 - Be Confident
No matter what beard you have, own it. It will look good. Simply put, if you're a penguin, be a badass penguin. Make the giraffe wish he was a penguin

Tip# 5 - Be Yourself
If you're growing a beard. Don't look for attention and validation. Do it for you, and only you. There's no need to be over the top with your outfits. The thing about beards is it already sets you apart from the rest. Let the facial hair do the talking. 


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