Jeff's Top 5 Beard Secrets

—Parker Mallouf

Secret #1 - Don’t trim your mustache!
Let it go! Leaving it alone will allow your mustache to look fuller and healthier. However, it’s alright to lightly trim the split-ends of your mustache if any stray hairs start getting out of control.

Secret #2 - Maintain your neckline.
Depending on how sharp you want it to look and how fast the hair grows, be sure to shave your neck once or twice a week. Maintaining your neckline gives the beard an edgy shape and less sloppy look. Especially if your chest hair connects to the beard..

Secret #3 - Frequent beard oiling.
Applying beard oil more than once a day keeps the dryness away. By applying at least twice a day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon - will help keep your skin and beard moisturized and healthier.

Secret #4 - Ignore the cheek lines.
In many cases, leaving the cheek lines alone can give your beard a burly or haggard look. If you’re tired of the clean/sharp cut style; give this one a shot!

Secret #5 - Physical health.
Staying healthy, active and keeping your weight in line can help your beard look better. Your beard conforms to your face shape, so if your face shape is thinner and longer your beard will take on a more natural, forward-flowing shape.


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