Jose Bautista’s Magic Beard

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Jose Bautista’s Magic Beard

If you’re an MLB fan, you’ll probably be familiar with Jose Bautista. The 35 year-old Toronto Blue Jays’ All-Star right fielder has 288 career home runs, and is famous for his three-run homer against the Texas Rangers in the 2015 playoffs that gave Toronto a 6-3 lead in the game, and ended up sending them to the American League Championship Series.

And it’s all thanks to the beard.

Sports Illustrated recently published an article explaining that according to Bautista’s interview with the Toronto Sun, his on-field magic all stems from his perfectly groomed man mane.

“Finally, somebody asked me the million dollar question. My beard is the source of all my power,” he said.

“That’s why I don’t shave that often, if you’ve noticed. We’re telling the world now, so hopefully no barber takes advantage of me and cuts my beard completely off. Fingers crossed.”

So Blue Jays fans, it looks like you’re in luck this season – as long as Bautista keeps his beard, you guys are probably headed to the playoffs. Unless an angry Rangers fan gets to him with a beard trimmer first.

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