Keep and Style Your Hair Like Eric

Eric's here to give you a quick tutorial on how to style your hair like his - spiky with a matte finish.


First, apply Rogaine to your damp hair and massage it directly into the scalp and hair. You only need a half a cap's worth, and it works with any styling product (and you get to keep your hair - cool right?).


Dry your hair into the shape you're going for (Eric dries it upwards and a bit forward to his temple).

Third and Fourth

Apply a bit of product (styling balm works wonders) to the palm of your hand, and add some water - a couple tablespoons - to it before styling your hair with it.


Apply the product to your hair, using your palms and fingers to style accordingly. It's important to also have a cut that works with the look you want.


Air dry. Done. Nailed it. 


The thing about Rogaine is it helps your hair *stay* with you - preventing and slowing down hair loss. Eric has received lots of comments that he doesn't need Rogaine because he has a full head of hair.

The actual truth? It's *because* Eric uses Rogaine that he's been able to slow down his hairless. He admits to having thinning spots on his crown, and the fact that he's been able to maintain his look for so long is a testament to the product's effectiveness.






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Eric Bandholz, Founder