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Keeping Your Skin Clean and Free of Cancer

Greg's talking about the largest organ you have, the skin. He gets a lot of questions in his DMs asking about what his routine is. Greg was gonna make a video but realized it would only be about a minute long. The routine consists of washing his face once a day using a neutral soap like Lever 2000. He uses it in the shower and doesn't use a moisturizer. Everyone's skin is different. His skin gets irritated when it is too moisturized.

The same routine doesn't work for everyone. What he does do differently is add a sports sunscreen. It protects his skin and stays on no matter how often he gets in and out of the water. It can protect your skin from signs of premature aging, like wrinkles. Sunscreen can also reduce the risk of skin cancer. In fact, Greg has had multiple skin cancers removed. A few on his body and a basal cell on his face when he was 28. Basal cell is the least aggressive, but still, need to be removed. It can look like a blemish at first, but it's important to get your skin checked once a year.

Greg also had one on his arm recently. His dermatologist sent him to a surgeon to get it removed. They drew around it, and recut the skin down to the muscle. The surgeon removed an eyeball/almond shaped wedge of skin. They stitched it up and left it to heal and fade. Those are in the sun often, male, Caucasian, and have lighter eyes are more likely to develop skin cancer.

There's also a charity called Beard Season. It encourages men to grow their beard in winter, and when people ask why you can tell them to donate or get their skin checked.





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