Laid-Back Beard Grooming

—Urban Beardsman

Grooming one’s beard can become an extensive process sometimes. However, at the heart of being a beardsman is the ability to go with the flow and enjoy life as it comes to you. In this case, making sure that your beard looks its best should be no different.

In the past, we’ve given you tips on blow-drying your beard, which can be a great technique for accentuating your man mane, but according to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, sometimes it’s best just to let your beard do its thing. Beards are capable of handling whatever’s thrown at them and as long as you aren’t welding mask-free or letting kids use your face as a ladder, your beard should be just fine.

Obviously at certain times your beard might experience some minor damage, split ends and such. However, as long you keep it trimmed to your liking and apply beard oil or utility balm as needed, your beard will continue looking its best around the clock. Simply, enjoy your beard and don’t let it stress you out.

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