Let’s End Beard Bigotry

—Urban Beardsman

Beards are more popular than ever, which is a great thing to see, but even with the rise of beard culture there are still plenty of people out there judging, dismissing, and voicing their dislike of beards, which is not a great thing to see. As with anything that appears on the internet, a post about our very own Eric Bandholz, founder of Urban Beardsman and Beardbrand, was published on the front page of Yahoo a few months ago and it received a multitude of comments with about ten times as many negative responses as positive.

Although many of these comments were made in response to the “poop in beards” story from earlier this year, others were in response to beard grooming products being effeminate and beards just overall not being cool. Well, according to Eric, the best way to combat this bias and negativity is by simply being a wiser, more sophisticated human being and letting those who feel differently voice their opinions as they see fit. Simply put, if you experience any negativity regarding your beard, just stay positive and do your best to forge associates between your outlook and beardsmen in general for those opposed to facial hair to adopt.

Lastly, Eric is on a mission to replace the term “clean shaven” with “completely shaven,” so do your part by encouraging your friends and family to adopt this more accurate and less detrimental to beardsmen terminology. For any other questions regarding beard bias and bigotry, tweet us at @bandholz.

Beard on everyone.

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