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—Urban Beardsman

A Woman’s Perspective on the Urban Beardsman

Independence, authenticity, confidence. These are traits I admire in people. To build a brand around inspiring those attributes in men and adding in a side of style seemed like a brilliant idea. As a woman, here’s why I associate beards with some of my favorite personality traits:

My most-used expressions are probably “I do what I want” and “You’re not the boss of me.” Independence is my jam. I like to find other people who feel the same way. When I spot a bearded man, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way. There are organizations with authority that require their members to shave. Sometimes they’re employers, sometimes they’re religions, and sometimes they’re loved ones. Wearing a beard says “I’m in charge of my own face,” and I like that. Now I know there are plenty of beardless folks who take their independence very seriously too, including lots of women like me. It’s just nice for bearded men to wear it out there where we can all see. I know they’re my people.

Photo by Conner Allen Photography

The only common thread I’ve been able to find among every person I admire in this world is that they’re authentic. I have friends who are very fundamentally different than I am, but being with someone who is busy being their true self is one of the great things about being a human. When a guy refuses to alter his face because he likes his natural appearance better, it’s a sign of authenticity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men who shave lack authenticity. I’m just saying that bearded men are showing their natural faces to the world and that’s beautiful. I also love it when my women friends go out without makeup on occasion and post up unfiltered instagrams. People are great. Especially when they’re being themselves.

Confidence is gorgeous. When someone knows they’re worth seeing and hearing they automatically make a compelling case for others to do just that. Being a beardsman requires the confidence to stand apart and to be yourself. These guys wake up in the morning, apply their beard oil, and go out into the world feeling impressive. They’re wearing their beard because they want to. They know chicks dig beards. They also know some chicks don’t. They’re cool with that because they know they’re cool. I’m sure even beautifully bearded men sometimes have their confidence waver but I can’t ever tell because their beard tells a different story. There are other ways to spot confidence. In fact, you can even evoke confidence by faking it. However you come by it- it looks good on you, man or woman.

Photo by Conner Allen Photography

I decided to team up with Eric and Jeremy because they are Urban Beardsmen. They have Independence, Authenticity, Confidence and Style. I love all of those things. I get asked a lot what it’s like to be a woman working for a beard company. The answer is it’s awesome. Our whole team is passionate about the traits that make up an Urban Beardsman. In fact, the beard is the least important part. It’s just a handy-dandy indicator of what’s behind it and that’s where the important stuff is.

We are building something here at Beardbrand that I’m proud of. We’re fostering style, endorsing independence, promoting authenticity, and inspiring confidence. It’s cool to be a part of it and I’m glad you’re all joining us on the journey. Beard on!

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