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Making the Perfect Shirt

Tell us about yourself

My name is Mallory Curlee-Green – I am the Director of Fashion Design at Trunkist. I come to Trunkist with 6 years of experience designing made-to-measure swimwear under my own sustainable, luxury label and over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry at large. I’ve worked in every aspect of fashion from product development to retail management to social marketing in both menswear and womenswear – throughout Los Angeles and Austin.

And my husband is a true, Urban Beardsman – straight out of the Pacific Northwest.

What is Trunkist?

Trunkist is a Cut to Order, Digital Trunk Show platform. We have a team of experienced in-house designers, who partner with established, visionary brands that are looking to enter the apparel market (such as Urban Beardsman). As a trusted design partner, we provide the necessary tools and resources to develop one-of-a-kind garments – from initial concept to final sample. Once developed, we then work with each brand to market and sell their apparel through a pre-order campaign on our digital trunk show platform: A pre-order campaign is essentially a crowdfunding model to pay for cut to order production. Once the campaign is closed, Trunkist manages all of the garment production and order fulfillment. In the end, production is solely based on the quantities sold during each trunk show, thus reducing excess inventory waste.

Why is the Urban beardsman Shirt #1 such a great match for Trunkist?

Urban Beardsman (UB) has such a modern, fashion-forward aesthetic and a loyal readership. Eric Bandholz and his team came to us with a very clear vision for the future of UB and we were instantly passionate about this apparel idea. UB and Beardbrand strive to push the boundaries of bearded societal norms, while Trunkist is working on innovative ways to break the fashion industry’s standard production model – from a brand mission standpoint, Trunkist and UB are great pair of visionaries.

Through a partnership with Trunkist, UB has direct access to successful designers, with years of industry experience to inform design direction and product development. As well, through the Trunkist platform, UB has the opportunity to interact directly with their audience for feedback on which types of clothing, colors, and fabric the Beardsman really wants.

What are the benefits to launching a label with Cut to Order production?

Through the Trunkist Cut to Order production model, UB is putting the power in the hands of their readership. As there is no garment production upfront – UB is making certain not to spend unnecessary time and resources on something that they think their market will like. Rather, UB is asking their audience to confirm they like Shirt #1 by placing a pre-order. Thus, this modern production model offers up the perfect, real-time R & D and there is no wasted apparel as a result. Waste is such a commonplace bi-product of the fashion industry, and our Cut to Order, Digital Trunk Show model both combats that negative bi-product, and makes room for greater, future successes by producing and expanding based solely upon demand.

And for the consumer, each design is truly limited edition.

What is your favorite detail about UB Shirt #1?

Eric came to me with a very specific idea of his perfect shirt. I absolutely love how the detailing of the back came out – the combo of the strong shoulder yoke with tailored side panels is both masculine and sexy. These back details also legitimately add to the durability and uniqueness of the design.

I must also point out the numerous small crossed lines details throughout the shirt – the pocket embroidery is a standout! We’ve also incorporated a crossed lines stitch to secure each 4-hole button, and small crossed lines in contrast stitching near the cuff’s opening (on the sleeve placket). These intricate details require extra time and attention during production, making Shirt #1 particularly unique.

What is it about Beardsman?

Well, I come from a line of “beardsmen”, and recently – I’ve also married one! Beardsmen move against the grain just so, they are typically adventurous souls and never afraid to make a bold statement. A modern day beardsman is both dapper and an outdoors man – swoon-worthy in a suit, while a knowledgeable mountain man in the wilderness. Their style is complete with nonchalance, and the perfect versatility to move from day to night, office to play without the slightest hesitation.

If I was a dude – I would definitely be a beardsman! Ha.

You only have until midnight today, October 15th, to order your Urban Beardsman Shirt #1. Check out the 3 different styles and reserve yours here. Shirts will ship in early December, 2015.



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