Making Your Face Look Slimmer With a Simple Haircut and Beard Trim

Jack is at the Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his hair cut and beard trimmed by Craig. He wants to go pretty short on the sides with a 1. Craig starts by taking the clippers over comb to get some of the weight and length off before starting the rest of the trim. He does this on the sides and around the back, then goes in with a 1 guard in the same areas to get the super short cut that Jack wanted.

After taking the weight out and bringing in the sides, Craig freehands a bulk of the weight near the top and gives it some shape. Then he goes over the sides again with a 1 guard and an open lever. Once that is done, he moves on to the actual hair. He sectioned it from the hairline and goes across the scalp. He starts at the crown and angles it out then cuts. That way when he combs it back it'll lay flat.

Craig blow drys the hair so he can see how the hair falls naturally and cut it much more easily. Then moved on to the beard. He likes to keep it more natural rather than giving it a shape. Craig freehands the flyaways on the sides and in front. He combs the mustache to either side and trims away the bits that fall in front of his mouth. The length at the bottom goes away a bit to get rid of the wisps, and Craig shapes the beard to look more rounded and natural. Then finished off the whole look with Styling Balm in the beard and mustache.




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