Making Your Tattoos Pop

—Urban Beardsman

Getting a permanent piece of artwork on your body is a bold, long-term commitment. When you choose to sport a tattoo, you want to take pride in the work for years to come. Although some might argue otherwise, sitting under the needle for hours at a time isn’t always an enjoyable experience. However, when it is all said and done, you get to stand up and appreciate the new addition to your body. Now you have this beautiful, vibrant, brand-new piece of artwork that you can’t wait to show off.

Once you have left the parlor, the ball is in your court when it comes to properly caring for the tattoo. Unfortunately, the tattoo will age over time, but there are methods to keeping it looking as fresh and vibrant as possible.

First off, the immediate after care. As many of you probably already know, the ink from the tattoo is placed in second layer of your skin called the dermis. The needle tattoo needle damages your skin by breaking through the initial layer. Your body’s natural reaction is to increase white blood cell production to initiate the healing process. It is crucial to properly clean and moisturize your damaged skin in the following days of inking your body. Your skin will naturally scab and begin to itch (the worst part). It is very important not to scratch off the scabbing as this will lead to ink loss and ultimately fading of the tattoo. Let the healing process completely run its cycle, and DON’T submerge your tattoo in water before the scabbing has subsided and your tattoo is healed over.

Now fast-forward a few years to the same tattoo. You’ve done a good job keeping your ink moisturized and out of the sun. With that in mind, you have noticed that the artwork doesn’t exactly look like the day you walked out of the tattoo parlor. Maybe you forgot to put on sun-screen once or twice last summer or spent a little too long in the hot tub.

So you are wondering if there is way to brighten the colors or bring attention to the detailed intricacies. The answer is yes. Beardbrand’s Utility Balm is not restricted to facial hair, but can be used as an all-around beard and skin moisturizer. Formulated with shea butter, this product was designed from the ground up to be a lightweight, long lasting balm. It’s consistency continues to provide moisture long after you apply it, and also brightens your complexion. This is why it is perfect for your body art! Your ink will instantly look more vibrant and healthy. Not to mention you’ll smell pretty damn awesome as well.

Keep on Growing!

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