Managing and Styling a Curly Beard

—Josh Lawson

Phil is at Gentleman & Rogues Club to see The Outcast Barber, aka Dave. He really only wants to do a tidy up. He's trying to grow his beard out, but it's been a huge mess. It's the first time Dave has seen a beard split naturally that way. He wants to style it up a bit, so they'll take it shorter on the sides, keep the length on the front, and finish with the edges.

Dave starts with the large comb and works the comb through Phil's beard. He freehands with a trimmer to get rid of the flyaways and wisps around the bottom and side. To help with the splitting and curliness of the beard, they decide to go with a more square looking beard. The shape will also be much easier to maintain as he continues to grow it out.

The beard hair is interesting here, as it feels more like the hair you usually find on your head. That definitely makes it much easier to cut. Since his hair is a little wild, it helps to have a tight beard. That helps him look more groomed and put together. To detail the beard, even more, he puts in a small line near the back and around the ear.

Dave trims the area under the beard and redefines the neckline. On Carlos's recommendation, he won't trim the sides too short (that actually makes it worse. As the sides get longer, the hairs weigh each other down and become less curly). The only caveat is that he wants Phil to invest in a Comb to tame it and a Styling Balm to keep the shape of it all. Then Dave goes in and trims up the cheeks and stache.

He finishes by taking a blow dryer on medium heat and a brush and working his way through Phil's beard to essentially straighten it. After a bit of heat, he switches to the cool setting. This allows you to set the beard's shape in place. To help hold the shape, like the discussed earlier, Dave puts in Tree Ranger Styling Balm and combs it through the beard.

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